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Anatolian Historical Candles

Model: 0401
West Terrace: Head of Apollo/Mithra/Helios/Hermes - Mount Nemrut (Adıyaman Province, Turkey)..
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Model: 0403
Explanation. According to historical sources, the Hashhashis are a religious sect and political organization founded by the Ismaili cleric Hasan Sabbah in September 1090. ... Thanks to these notorious fame, the word assasin, which means assassin in most Western languages, came from th..
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Model: 0402
This is a tomb where the giant statues of gods, kings and some creatures look down on people.In the 1st century BC, Antiochus I was the leader of the Commagene Kingdom.When he died in 34 BC, he was buried in the piles of stones on the windy hill of Mount Nemrut overlooking the Euphrates.He reigned o..
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Model: 0400
Janissary was a military class in the Ottoman Empire. Orhan Gazi or Murad Idifferent opinions. Incorporation date: 1363,Janissaries for various reasons; They frequently rebelled in the 17th and 18th centuries.Janissary Hearth, June 15, 1826, Sultan II. Eliminated by Mahmud...
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Model: 0404
Description The Great Sargon is the king of Akkadian. The founder of the Akkadian family, the chief accountant of King Urzababaand Sargon, a member of the Sami people, defeated the king in 2350 BCboard...
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